A Loved 1 is a slow-fashion experience. Each A Loved 1 product is a handcrafted creative expression; manifested by Jordan Mikhal, Fashion Designer and 2021 Virgil Abloh Post-Modern Scholar.


A Loved 1 was created as a 3-word love-letter to me, inspired by John 4:19 which says, "We love because He first loved us." To me, those words meant that no matter what, I am Loved. God loves me. Therefore, I am A Loved 1.


A Loved 1's mission is to be an affirmative and expressive brand, encouraging self-love and confidence. The core of the brand is loving yourself in the wonderful image in which you were created. We want our Loved 1's to feel beautiful on the outside and within.

A Loved 1’s logo is to be a reminder that each one of us is loved and fearfully & wonderfully made.